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Not So Human

The Alphas of ABVH

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Dedicated to the real Alphas of the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series by Laurell K. Hamilton.

1. Please be polite at all times, flames will get people banned at the whim of the moderators.
2. No bashing of any of the original alpha lycanthropes of the series. Bashing of other characters is somewhat inevitable, though don't make it senseless. Absolutely no Richard bashing, you can get that at pretty much every other comm. Micah bashing is pretty much encouraged.
3. All posts must be on topic. Topics relate to the characters listed above, as well as shapeshifters and lycanthropy in general as it has to do with the Anitaverse and the alpha characters.
4. No advertising is allowed without permission of the moderators.
5. Any posts that are rated NC-17 must be put behind an lj-cut with the rating marked clearly in the subject line.
6. Please use tags when making posts, so that it's easier to find them later on. All authors and artists will be given their own tag to use, along with the other relevant tags. All tags can be found here.

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