Dear Richard...

All I'm dying to say is...

Richard, we all know you 'love' Anita to put up with her annoying person, but come on! Dump the woman already! Move on! Don't let the power of the cooch dominate you dammit!

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A Forest By Winter

Title: A Forest By Winter
Rating: R
Characters/Pairings: Gabriel/Richard, Anita/Richard, OFCs/Richard
Warnings: Character death, angst, darkness
Summary: It was something akin to the perfect murder.
Disclaimer: All characters used herein belong to Laurell K. Hamilton and are being used without permission, for no monetary gain.
A/N: I'd like to thank dracoliciousss for her most awesome job as beta, fixing up all of the verb tenses that writing this during Intro to Creative Writing stole from me ^.^

( Fake LJ Cut )

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She spent years killing vampires, working with them, finally being all but one of them. She influenced their politics and the politics of every preternatural group in St. Louis. She was vital, in a way.

But...what would have happened, if Anita Blake didn't existed?

And everyone else, everything else, still does?


Gabriel characterisation

I can blame mneiai for getting my brain onto this issue. I read what she did with Richard, and since I had already fangirlie squeed all over the idea of Gabriel/Richard, I got to thinking about the guy. The more I got to writing this stuff, the more I found I really, really loved him. It's just all kinds of wrong that he kinda got killed off. (Though, am now currently working to rectify that in fic!)

First part - on being the bad guy, pain & sex, pimping, death and Gabriel vs Micah.

Second part - Being Nimir-Ra, dominance and the irony of Anita.
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Richard Characterization

Richard's character is a much maligned one in the books and fandom for various reasons. In this series of essays, starting with my notorious general characterization essay and moving on to deconstruct Richard book by book, I look into what is the essence of Richard and what his character is really all about, when you read between the lines.

First Essay, on vampires, lycanthropes, sex, Anita, and Jean-Claude.
Second Essay, Richard in Circus of the Damned.
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Danse Macabre from Richard's POV Chapter 13

For those of you who don't know, most people consider Anita's point of view, especially now, to be very flawed. Reading DM and only paying attention to the dialogue gives a reader a very different impression than reading it and believing everything Anita thinks. Therefore, I decided to write this, DM from RAZ's point of view, using the same dialogue and most of the same movements, in order to demonstrate that (and make the book a bit more readable ^.^)

The previous chapters are linked at the beginning of this one.

Chapter: Thirteen
Rating: Teen
Spoilers: Through all of DM
Characters: (this chapter) Richard, Anita, Jean-Claude, Samuel, Sampson, some Asher
Disclaimer: All events, characters, and everything else belongs to LKH. I am getting no physical payment or reward for this, in any way.

( Richard's bitter, but at least he admits it )
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Pet Peeves:

What are your pet peeves involving the alphas of ABVH? Is there a specific scene or action that makes you sick? Something Anita says or does regarding them that you think was not only useless, but stupid? Whatever it is, whatever the reason, put it down in the comments and we can all bitch and moan together.